Eco Friendly Takeaway Containers

Let me ask you a simple question, but first let’s picture the following scenario: you are eating in a nice restaurant and somehow you ordered too much food for the meal. There is plenty of lobster and shrimps on your plate. The question comes: what would be the next thing to do? Ask for a take-away container to pack the left over? No. Pause and think for a minute: the take-away container is probably made of materials that will take Mother Nature thousands of years to break down. Then should you just walk away without packing the left over? Absolutely not. You do not want to be a food waster either.


So is there a solution to this dilemma? Yes, the win-win solution is to ask for an eco-friendly takeaway container to pack your food!


You’ve never heard of such takeout box? Then let me tell you more about the eco-friendly takeaway container. Polystyrene and plastic are usually what take-away containers were made of. These two materials are unfriendly to the environment; meaning that once the container is disposed of, it will be sitting in the landfill site for generations because they can’t be broken down naturally. To solve this serious matter, a group of smart scientists got together and invented the take-away containers that are eco-friendly! All the materials are friendly to the environment, such as paper. One of the scientist claimed that such takeaway containers have strong biodegradability that it is even edible by animals! In high-class restaurants like Aman’s, their eco-friendly takeaway containers are made by woven bamboo, grass or wood (


However, not each and every restaurant uses the eco-friendly takeaway box. It is mainly due to the price of such container. On average, one eco-friendly takeaway box is 0.5 dollars more expensive than the regular plastic or polystyrene takeout box. If a restaurant has 10 guests who ask for a takeout box each day, the restaurant would need to carry $1825 more in a year when using eco-friendly takeout box instead of the regular ones. Now you can see how much investment a restaurant needs to make if it is committed to being friendly to the environment.


Let’s wind back to our scenario at the beginning of this article. What if you asked for an eco-friendly takeaway box, but the restaurant has none? Then why not consider purchasing an indispensable eco-friendly takeaway box? You can make such purchase easily from e-commerce sites like Amazon and Ebay. However, their prices can vary greatly due to the different materials used. Also, you can make an eco-friendly takeaway box yourself like I do.

As a passionate environment lover, I carry an indispensable eco-friendly takeaway box with me whenever I go out for a meal. This takeout box is very special since I made it myself from the bamboo tree in my little garden. The bamboo tree has grown too big, so with the help of my neighbor, we cut down one branch and I used the branch to make a takeaway box myself!

In conclusion, I hope that by writing this article, I have planted the consciousness of using eco-friendly takeaway containers in your mind!